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Friends of 1683am!!!

contributing as Australian nationals to the country we live in, with the ethos the visibility and the dissemination of the Hellenic culture. Our focus is on you…… Our target is to continue together……
And go further on.
Stay tuned to 1683am!! our voice is loud, our programs and your ads are heard everywhere, our priority is the Hellenic Australian Omogenia, our goal is to communicate and to strengthen the relationship among the Hellenic Australians of the Diaspora, with the preservation and the development of the Hellenic language and its culture,
Welcome to the first 24 hour a day Hellenic Radio Station of Australia established in March 1983!!!
Hi! my name is Kostas Nikolis and this is My Story

1683am The Hellenic Radio Station of Australia was established sometime between 1970 and 1980, it started operating legally on the 15th of March 1983 through the community radio station 2 NBC STEREO FM as a Hellenic program.

After a short period of time, we employed and used the sub carrier 67 KHz. This system was used for a few years, as a 24 hour Hellenic Radio Station of Australia. then we employed again the new release, by the Australian Communication Authority, HI-BAND FM 150 to 170 MHz. With this system, we were broadcasting through satellites and local owned radio transmitters to 85% of Australian region from Sydney's studios, in other words, to the most capital cities of Australia. Since 1996, we also started transmitting on frequency 1,683 KHz MW Sydney. We now hold the license to broadcast across Australia. At the present we hope you enjoy listening to our programs through our own radio studios in Sydney on the frequencies

MW 1,683Khz AM day and night 24/7. and through our website